About Cards

Using the iTunes Gift Card you can refill your iTunes or App Store account. This gives you an access to download paid games and applications from App Store for you iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Once you enter the code you'll see your iTunes balance is momentarily refilled and you can use it to buy any content on App Store.

At App Store you can find over 9 millions games and applications. Besides, it contains lots of music tracks, movies, audio-books, podcasts and other interesting information sources.

We buy our cards for cash at authorised sales points. If you buy iTunes Gift Cars with a credit card and then redeem those cards with different iTunes accounts you can get these accounts blockes by Apple. Moreover, some dishonest sellers are using stolen credit cards numbers to pay for their iTunes Gift Cards, which, most probably, will also result in blocking your iTunes account if you redeem a card bought in this way. Please, pay attention!

This is important!Buyng the iTunes Gift Card at our site, please make sure you are choosing the same country/region as in your iTunes account.

Attention!The iTunes Gift Card codes, bought at our site, will only refill iTunes accounts registered by you instead of refilling accounts that have been registered and used by someone else. Such accounts are getting blocked very often. Please read a manual on how to register and iTunes account without linking a bank card.





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